The History of IWG


Ironwolf Clan was created on May 22 of 2009 on the realm Andorhal during The Burning Crusade, originally established as a PvP-focused “Twink” guild. Ironwolf Clan not only grew in size, but also scope, becoming the leading Horde guild in organized World PvP and Premade Battlegrounds. In 2012 Ironwolf Clan transferred from Andorhal to Bleeding Hollow.


Ironwolf Clan was created to make an everlasting effort to crush the Alliance, and put their face in the dirt, banding together proud Horde players that take great pride in stomping Alliance faces in the dirt. We have grown in size and interest now spanning other games both inside and out of the Blizzard Universe, to deliver the same message. 


Ironwolf clan is currently established on both Retail and Classic WoW (Season of Mastery) on:

“Bleeding Hollow” (Retail),

“Shadow Strike” (Classic-Season of Mastery)